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Recruiting for top-level leadership talent is extremely complex and can take a long period of time. This is why Charles Francis Cooper are beneficial to you, because we are a solution led-provider. Managing Directors to board-level assignments have precise requirements, finding candidates with talent, expertise, experience, a proven track record and leadership qualities is not an easy task.

Initial problems you face are:

  • The pool of talented people has diminished during the last decade.
  • The corporate candidate mind-set has become cautious and comfortable, with a “devil you know” attitude.
  • People have an elevated fear of changing employers meaning that the candidates that satisfy your criteria are become more difficult to find.

Individuals must stand out and have exceptional personal qualities. They need to have a positive impact on inspiring, motivating and guiding entire organisations and drive future strategic plans.

Our process is finely tuned and designed to search (target) and select (capture) top talent as part of a well-executed search and selection process.


Executive Search Process

During all stages of a search, we strive to exceed expectations by providing a significant choice of talent and hand-holding through a smooth and thorough process, which includes:


1st Stage – Engage in the Search

Interactive dialogue to determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required for the position. We develop the client message within the competitive landscape, run through the organisational structure, and dig deeper into your corporate culture.

Determine your priorities that will shape the search process


2nd Stage – Define Search Strategy

Full needs analysed, develop a customised position and talent specification you are happy with.

Written search assignment to include the role, responsibilities, goals, key challenges, benefits and compensation of the position, as well as the essential experience, qualifications and competencies required for success. Conduct targeted research into sectors, companies and executives, utilising our extensive knowledge and relationships to identify talent with the relevant skills, experience and qualifications presented in a longlist.

A longlist of talent qualified for the role provides real options for you to consider; including avenues you may not have thought of.


3rd Stage – Engage and Attract

Our team is oriented to the agreed objectives of the search assignment. Initially we talk with mutual contacts to identify and qualify your prospects. The groundwork is being laid for your success with every conversation and investigatory question we ask, before we even make contact with your longlist. We think of this as preliminary referencing.

The next part is how we get the list interested but we don’t divulge exactly how as everyone will try and copy our technique. Basically we approach potential candidates and see if they meet your high expectations, we make sure the talents aspirations far exceed yours.

We don’t have to persuade anyone with our opportunities, they are desperate to be included on the shortlist.


4th Stage – Shortlist

We then compile a shortlist of the talent we deem a strategic fit, who come recommended, have proven skills, experience, knowledge and the aptitudes outlined in the specification from stage 2.

Our shortlist arrives via a rigorous tried and tested procedure, from initial screening, through various interviews, (competency and personality based and in partnership with your own interview processes), to assessments to cement commitment on their part.

We present the most qualified candidates and produce an in-depth written analysis and verify each candidate’s academic qualifications if desired.

Only then can we move to the interview stage.


5th Stage – Interview Process

We insist on attending all interviews with our clients, not necessarily in the interview itself, but at least on the premises. This means that we are able to offer a full debrief to your organisation and see this commitment as a vital and valuable element in our partnership.

Once you have conducted your thorough interview process, however many stages you feel are appropriate, and selected your preferred candidate, we move to the offer stage.


6th Stage – Offer/Acceptance

We assist in negotiations, compensation and other terms to help finalise the search at this crucial stage for your business. If it breaks down here, we are back at the beginning and headhunting from the same pool of people your organisation has already turned down; this can have a negative impact on the reputation of your organisation.

At this stage we really are the experts, allow us to do what we do best on your behalf. We always keep the best interests of both parties in mind when securing final agreement of terms.

Within a 3-6 month notice period, things can change! Regular communication with you and the successful candidate during the transition period is essential to ensure there are no failures.

We alleviate any potential issues that can arise if you have been working alongside us from the 1st Stage.


7th Stage – On-boarding

We will periodically follow up with both parties once the search is closed and will significantly accelerate the transformation of your new employee into a fully functioning, world beating business leader.


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