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C-Suite, the Real Cost.


It does not matter if you’re an aspiring big cheese or already a C-suite executive; it is never too early to familiarise with the complicated art of negotiating for your executive compensation. The major difference for C-suite jobs is that

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Top Issues That Board Directors Face Today


The Board of Directors is the top-most party in the leadership and management pyramid of every organisation. As such, all matters, both critical and light, lie in their hands. This is to imply that they are the most important element

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Meditation for Resilient Leadership


The era we are living in is defined by rapid technological changes and globalisation which are creating ambiguity, chaos, uncertainty and volatility. This has forced leaders into a scenario whereby a constant supply of resilience is necessary. Resilience simply means

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Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual numbers keep growing!


  A wealthy man once said, “You’re not making money unless you’re making it in your sleep.” The recently released list of the wealthiest people in the world is testament that this saying stays true. While the rate at which

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The Correct Business Development strategy


Our expert has given us some pointers on how to address the various issues below. A strong and experienced business leader, he has worked in the aerospace, defence and energy sectors for industry leading global companies. Identified as a high

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Women in engineering – is this the answer?


There has been a lot of recent chatter about the recruitment of women engineers; is this the answer to the shortage? It is a fact that the UK has Europe’s lowest percentage of female engineers. Not only is this an

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How to add 8-figures to your business

One of our founding principles is to help businesses achieve their growth by allowing them to understand some of the fundamental issues around achieving their goals. We put this report together which will give you a brief insight into the

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Do Human Resources forget that recruiters are only doing their job?

African business woman is tired of work . Sitting in front of crumpled paper pile . Unhappy with cv

It is well-known within the recruitment industry that there is often animosity between Human Resources departments and external recruiters. Perhaps the internal department feels like their role is being usurped by a stranger from the outside; perhaps they think the

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Executive Search

Little boy searching with binoculars at the beach dressed as explorer concept for nature, discovery, exploring and education

Identifying outstanding talent requires a number of expert skills, you should always let the experts conduct the international search and here are the reasons why.

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