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Moments of excellence

There is no more sure-fire way of giving you confidence in our approach, service and dedication to transforming your business or allowing us to develop your professional story, than allowing our satisfied clients speak for us.

I had applied for various jobs that I knew I had more than enough qualifications for but not the full suite of experience. My consultant was able to identify that my qualifications were indeed what certain sectors were crying out for and got me the chance to interview and demonstrate that I could step up to the mark even with a lack of experience.

I am now months into my new role where my new employers were more than happy to continue my employment beyond my 3 month trial period. I now know that it was only down to the good relationship my consultant had with my new company that they trusted him to put me up for an interview in the first place and without that good relationship I would not be in the role I am in today.

I have found Charles Francis Cooper very professional and knowledgeable, their friendliness and guidance was much appreciated and productive for all involved with this offer, my thanks to all.

Neil Benting

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