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There is no more sure-fire way of giving you confidence in our approach, service and dedication to transforming your business or allowing us to develop your professional story, than allowing our satisfied clients speak for us.

I am Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years’ experiences of International Business.

It is always critical and sensitive period, when you are changing your career; especially when you are in higher position and older, because any decision you take, will effect your career, personal life and your family.

So, my advice is to make sure that your future career is in trusted hand. It is not easy to find the right agency and the Recruitment Consultant who can read carefully and understand your previous experiences and take by your hand to put you on the right track.

I have had the chance to deal with Charles Francis Cooper and to put my trust with Mr. Robert O’keane who handled always my curriculum carefully and put all his efforts and supports to put me in the right post at the right company.

So, Thank you so much for finding me an exceptional role in a different country.

Hesham Koura

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