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For Talent

For Talent

Without you, the world stops turning.


Understanding what we do is key to forming a successful working partnership with us.

We recruit the best and brightest talent on behalf of our clients. We are not career counsellors, job advisors or life coaches, but we can promise that if the assignment we are currently discussing isn’t the right move for you at this point in your career, we will still be a valuable ally for your future.

The best advice we can give is to pick an expert in your field to work with you, hopefully Charles Francis Cooper are the choice you make.

More often than not, an Executive Search Consultant or Talent Management Consultant will get in touch with you, but this does not mean you can’t contact us.

We always work with 100% confidentiality and we don’t usually advertise assignments we are working on, (we don’t want to give our clients competitors any inclination that their top talent may be about to be headhunted) so you never know, we may just be able to help and usually we can.  We have an extensive network of contacts built up over many years and you could be just what our clients need, they may not even know it yet.

We work in partnership with you and help and guide you every step of the way; this is a life changing decision you are about to make and you don’t have to make it alone.

Here are some tips you may find useful when choosing your partner of choice:


Always Be Honest

Holding back information can make you look dishonest and once the trust has gone it’s difficult to regain.


Don’t work with multiple search companies

This will only dilute your name in the industry. If a company hears about you through numerous sources it can make them question what other companies you are speaking with, give the impression you are desperate, and cast doubt over whether you will actually accept the role once offered.


Take your résumé offline

If you have you résumé online, take it off. If a company knows you are looking hard for a new position it can have an adverse effect. We have seen starting salaries drop by as much as 18% because a company knows you are desperate for a new job.


Reveal your compensation requirements

This usually happens early in the conversations, we need to make sure we are in the same ballpark. There is no sense in wasting anyone’s time if expectations are not aligned. It is usually the least-experienced candidates who resist this.


Your pitch

Providing a vague description of your accomplishments makes it harder for us to place you and do you justice when representing you to our clients.


It is a partnership

Don’t assume that we will do all the work for you! The process and outcomes will be more successful if we work in partnership.


Tailor your résumé

Your chosen search consultant needs to see a tailored résumé, you must ensure that you are delivering the best possible impression of yourself as a potential candidate. If you do not take the time to do this you run the risk of not be considered for roles that would be suited to you.


Be polite and professional

We are the first point of contact for your potential new employer; deal with us as if we are your new employer. Ensure all scheduled conversations and meetings are conducted and attended in a timely and professional manner.

We have to report everything back to our clients and a bad name is very hard to lose.

If any aspects of your personality or conduct are unprofessional, you will not be represented. We have worked tirelessly over the years to earn our outstanding and valued reputation and we will never jeopardise this, no matter how excellent your background is.


The best time to speak to a head-hunter is when you are employed.

Always be open to having a conversation if a head-hunter calls; they may have information that would prove to be life-changing for you, your family and career.

Find an Executive Search Company you are happy to work with, someone you trust and feel comfortable with. You will spend a lot of time together and you need to feel assured that you are being represented in the best possible way by a company that takes the time to listen to you.

The best advice we can give you is to speak to a few companies before you are in a position where you need us.


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