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The UK STEM Skills Shortage


A report by the Engineering UK 2017 revealed that the demand for Engineering & Manufacturing (E&M) talent and skills outstrips, by far, the current supply. This imbalance has led to a shocking shortage of about 69,000 skilled professionals every year.

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C-Suite, the Real Cost.


It does not matter if you’re an aspiring big cheese or already a C-suite executive; it is never too early to familiarise with the complicated art of negotiating for your executive compensation. The major difference for C-suite jobs is that

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CEOs. The Unnecessary Evil?


As the world of organisations keeps revolving and evolving, the apex, or top management, appears to be taking major hits from new trends. In the latest appearing trend, the CEO, an idol of power and great respect in organisations, seems

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Top Issues That Board Directors Face Today


The Board of Directors is the top-most party in the leadership and management pyramid of every organisation. As such, all matters, both critical and light, lie in their hands. This is to imply that they are the most important element

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Meditation for Resilient Leadership


The era we are living in is defined by rapid technological changes and globalisation which are creating ambiguity, chaos, uncertainty and volatility. This has forced leaders into a scenario whereby a constant supply of resilience is necessary. Resilience simply means

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Should the board look at themselves?


The composition and performance evaluation of the board is critical to corporate governance. Corporate governance, on the other hand, is crucial to the management of an organisation. Management, on its part, is the backbone of any organisation. This is to

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Business Model Revamping: Transform your organisation


At some point, in your business, you might realize that in as much as you’re adhering to your working models, things keep falling apart. Sales opportunities are missed, contract margins aren’t how they used to be, non-price completion no longer

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Mergers and Acquisitions


The concept behind mergers and acquisitions, M&A, is that two organisations together are more valuable than two separate organisations. Research and experience have shown that M&A can have profound effects on the growth of the involved companies in terms of

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Talent Strategy

bus growth

Basic talent management has been identified as the right key in driving positive and sustainable business growth. HR managements and executives always focus on the major aspects of the talent strategy which include acquiring and retaining talented employees. The talents,

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Organisational Alignment


Many a times, we see great strategies designed by organisations failing despite the many opportunities of growth presented by today’s fast-changing business environment. However, the strategies never fail because they were not crafted for the organisation. Rather, they fail due

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